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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sew What?

I'm in a sewing rut. My sewing room is a disaster zone, and between family events, vacations, and ballgames on tv, I can't seem to get in there and get going!

I have multiple projects awaiting my touch: quilts for other people, including a queen-sized hand quilt, and three matching ones to be made from scratch - from the clothing of the "Dad" who passed away last year...

I've had one quilt sitting on a shelf for three years now, waiting for me to begin repairing it. I need to photograph the worn areas, replace the entire batting, change the actual style from low loft to extra-high...

My brother and his wife both turned 40 last year - guess who's doing them a quilt for the bedroom in their new home?!

I'm two years behind on an art quilt I did a writeup for and bought all the materials for.

Zellers is running out of storage boxes of the sizes I need!

Oh, my friends are very kind. "You're an artist!" they exclaim, as if that explains it. Hmm. I don't recall of hearing about "protégés" lately - you know, you find yourself some rich patron of the arts who likes your stuff, and they house you and feed you while you sulk, study, and screw up.

I'm very disappointed in my failure to manage the clutter in my sewing room. I walk in, look around in utter dismay, wonder how all this STUFF got in there...

Part of the difficulty is popularly called "limits" these days. I've got personal items in that room, things I don't know what to do with or where to put. They do not belong in the sewing room. And yet, that's the only room in the house which is uniquely mine. So I allow things to get put there - on top of the cutting table, on top of the sewing machine itself, on top of the ironing board... The ironing board, for heaven's sake, doesn't even have LEGS! I took them off specifically so I would hang the board up each and every time I was through using it! But I didn't do that, last time... and now it's a repository of paraphenalia, very little of which is actually related to sewing.

In the past, when it got to this state, I would usually just give up sewing and go buy what I wanted. Or get some boxes, throw all this stuff in them, and store them under the big quilting stand. Where it would sit four a few months before being trucked to the basement and left to age there, while I meanwhile had to go shopping to replace all the things that I could now no longer find!

But this time, I'm going to beat myself at my own game. I'm going to dig in my heels, ruthlessly. I'm going to grit my teeth and gird my loins and roll up my sleeves and turn that room around! Gosh darn it (oh - no pun intended... sorry!) I'm going to put that room to rights so I can see what I own and where all my projects are and I going to SEW!

Do I hear a "rah-rah-rah?"

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