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Monday, March 16, 2009

Business as usual

Well, I moved. Hubby faithfully took my quilting machine apart and put it back together for me. In my one-room basement apartment, oddly enough it doesn't look like such a monster. (It's a big one-room!) My first quilt is up on the stand, I've already had to take stitches out - it seems to be business as usual.

My "business" has been on my mind lately. I used to give an accountant all my papers (in a pattern box) and let her figure out how much money I made or lost, but now that I've moved out on my own again, I can no longer afford that luxury.

I've been spending several weeks whining about how I'm a lousy bookkeeper - which is true - and saying I'll just have to close the business, it doesn't make any money, I have no time to build a website and HAVE an online store. yada yada yada...

But this morning I decided I'm going to Revenu Quebec and asking THEM what tax forms actually need to be filled out, in my specific case, and I'm going to give it the old college try. If I can file my 2007 taxes myself, I'm gonna keep the business open and work on the web site and try once again to make a go of this thing.

And hope like hell to get some quilting done in the meantime.

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