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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laying down tracks

I'm machine quilting a king-size quilt for my daughter, and no, I don't mean on a longarm, or even a shortarm, machine. I'm using a regular home sewing machine, and boy, is it slow going! I'm finally beginning to understand why quilters have UFOs! Since I started out quilting on a shortarm machine, I could never figure out why quilters enjoyed piecing so much more than the actual quilting.

Well, now I understand. I also understand what the fascination with wall hangings is: they're small, and they fit easily through a home machine.

Well, the quilt I'm doing is in 5-inch blocks, and my fancy quilting pattern is - straight lines, 1/4" inch on either side of the seamlines. This has the appearance, to my eyes, of train tracks. Hence the title. I've been laying down tracks on my quilt.

As I mentioned, it is slow work. Discouraging, in fact. I've developed a mantra or two to help me stay, if not enthusiastic, at least engaged in what I'm doing long enough to actually accomplish something.

"It's not an infinite set." In the mathematical sense of the word "set." The set of tracks I have to lay down - it only seems infinite!

"Quit sitting and staring at it!" I might add, in blank despair. I keep having to shake myself awake in the middle of this tedious process.

This is supposed to be a hobby - something I do for fun. But I'm failing to find the fun in this! This is just plain old hard work!

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