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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Batman Oven-Mitt Covers

As you can see, the Batman oven-mitt covers got a great reaction! So here's the palm side...
and here's the back of the hand side...
Notice the grey drop-shadow on the text! So, all this is machine appliqué, done in satin stitching. Yes, I used fray-stop on everything, but a little word of warning about Fray-stop...

It can change the color of your fabric slightly. Even if your fabric has been previously washed. Now, since these are to be used on oven mitts, they're likely to get washed frequently and vigorously, so believe me, I laid the Fray-stop on pretty thick! I poured some Fray-stop into a small container and used a Q-tip to apply it to the edges of the fabric.

If you're going to use Fray-stop, I'd recommend laying your piece down on a scrap fabric, lighter than your piece, or else using a teflon pressing sheet as the background while you apply it.

You can hasten the drying time with a dry iron - I'm REALLY impatient!

My only regret is that I did "Pow!" on both mitts. Half way through the second one I thought, gee, I should have done "Bam!"

Oh well.

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