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Friday, September 16, 2016


G R O A N . . . 

Un Finished Objects

I am currently (supposed to be) making a quilt for my cousin. It is sandwiched, and I have begun quilting, but it got put on hold for...

A baby quilt, because my cousin's son became a daddy! And at the same time as that happened, I received a birthday present of the accuquilt tools for appliqué, so I thought I'd just whip out a quick little baby quilt for my new first-cousin-twice-removed...

Now, the green leaves are actually part of the print the leopard is on. But the white leaves and the purple leaves are from other fabric, and I had to cut them out individually. There are twenty of those around the leopard. Twenty appliquéd leaves around each animal on the quilt, six animals in all.

It's taking an eternity.

To top that off, there was another little baby born at very nearly the same time, to Boyfriend's family, and I gaily thought, "oh, I'll just make two at the same time!"

Hah! Boyfriend's little nephew will be getting a substantially simpler quilt!

But in the middle of trying to make the two baby quilts, it became Boyfriend's birthday, and I had promised to make him a chest protector for archery.

So the baby quilts stopped while the chest protector got made. And the birthday party was had.

Now the birthday is over, the baby quilting has resumed, and I have high hopes my cousin will get her quilt by christmas.

I dearly hope.

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