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Sunday, December 18, 2011


So the new curtains are up. Two of the three panels have to be hemmed, and we have to do a trip to Ikea to pick up one (1) curtain hook and about eight little roller-thingies that go in the special track.

But I didn't run out of fabric, I didn't sew any panels upside-down, the pattern is straight horizontally and the patterns line up vertically.


I wish I had just a bit more fabric to make a deeper hem, but hey - at least they'll all be the same length!

I was trying to figure out where I learned about curtain tape - the one that makes the three gathers every so many inches. I can't remember actually doing them before, but I did know how the tape works. I'm thinking that perhaps I watched my Grandma or my Stepmom make them, because I there are no curtains like this in my memory banks.

This project took all my skill to match the patterns. If I hadn't learned to quilt I wouldn't have been able to line this stuff all up. It was a little scary only having three inches of fabric left over, but measuring and re-measuring helped keep panic at bay. It's a lot easier to make sure a pattern is straight over little five-inch squares than over 207 inches!

Now on to Christmas, and back to quilting in the new year. May yours be happy!

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