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Saturday, February 11, 2012

First of Three (Borg Designation?)

And here it is, at last, the first of three quilts to be made from the clothing of a gentleman who passed away about five years ago.

This one is for his son, J, who at the time was a student in elementary school when I experimented with teaching quilting. When his father died, he told his mom to contact me about making them quilts from daddy's clothing.

I have a soft heart (and a shortage of common sense), plus I hadn't a clue as to how difficult this project was going to be, so I said yes.

I lugged that clothing with me through two moves before finally cutting it up into rectangles last spring. I knew stretch would be a problem, so I took my time finding a pattern that would help me control the stretch. As you can see, there are four 9-patches in each block. Those are the fabrics cut from clothing. Separating them, is sashing made from proper quilting cotton, and around that are two rows of sashing. The inner row varies in width because the 9-patches vary in size, but the outer row of sashing is a consistent size, which made sewing the rows together much easier than it could have been!

Naming these quilts is going to be a challenge in itself. Had there been only one, I could have called it "Memories of Dad" or something like that. But I've got three of these things to name. And believe me, it's been called every name under the sun already! And no, I'm not going to give them Borg designations, tempting as that might be for such an avid Trekkie!

I'll think of something.

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